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Indiana University

Campus Coordinators

IU East

Julien Simon

Associate Professor

Whitewater Hall 271

(765) 973-8622

IUE Study Abroad Website

jjsimon [at] iue [dot] edu


Brian R. Mylrea

Director of International Education

Walb Student Union 145

(260) 481-6034

IPFW Office of International Programs Website

iss [at] ipfw [dot] edu


Stephanie Leslie

Director of Study Abroad

Office of International Affairs

Education/Social Work Building 2126

(317) 274-2081

IUPUI Study Abroad Website

abroad [at] iupui [dot] edu

IU Kokomo

Professor Donna McLean

Main Building 235

(765) 455-9442

IUK Study Abroad Website

domclean [at] iuk [dot] edu

IU Northwest

Professor Scooter Pegram

Hawthorn Hall 463

(219) 980-6532 

spegram [at] iun [dot] edu

IU South Bend

Lisa Fetheringill Zwicker

Wiekamp 3269

(574) 520-4231

IUSB Study Abroad Website

zwicker [at] iusb [dot] edu

IU Southeast

Lucinda Woodward

Crestview Hall 011

(812) 941-2365

luwoodwa [at] ius [dot] edu

Valerie Scott

Crestview Hall 007

(812) 941-2391

vbscott [at] ius [dot] edu

Co-Directors of International Programs

IUS Study Abroad Website

I gained an enhanced view of the world. I was forced to look at American problems from an international perspective.”

-Kyra Busch, IU Overseas Study Participant, Thailand