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Indiana University

Peer Counselors

Each year, the Office of Overseas Study employs undergraduate study abroad returnees from a variety of study abroad programs. Peer Counselors are responsible for staffing our main office from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday during the Fall and Spring semester, and work at our information table in various locations on the Bloomington campus four days a week. Our peer counselors are also available for on-campus presentations, tabling and student returnee panels.

We encourage students to contact Peer Counselors via e-mail for information or visit them during their office hours.

2014-15 Peer Counselors

Robert Coatsworth

Study Abroad Program:
Aix-en-Provence AY; Madrid-IU

Majors: Spanish, French, International Studies

rcoatswo [at] indiana [dot] edu


Geralyn Dierfeldt

Study Abroad Programs:
Freiburg IU

Majors: Computer Science, Germanic Studies

gbdierfe [at] indiana [dot] edu


Jackson Doering

Study Abroad Program:
Jordan Non-IU

Majors: NELC (Arabic), International Studies

jacdoeri [at] indiana [dot] edu


Lizzie French

Study Abroad Programs:

Majors: Speech & Hearing, Spanish

eefrench [at] umail [dot] iu [dot] edu


Meaghan Hutchison

Study Abroad Program:
Barcelona IES; Rwanda (SPEA)

Major: SPEA-Management

meahutch [at] indiana [dot] edu


Kelsey Lechner

Study Abroad Program:
Nagoya AY; Taiwan Non-IU 

Majors: EALC (Japanese), International Studies

kenolech [at] indiana [dot] edu


Carissa Quintero

Study Abroad Programs:
Perth; Australia (Journalism)

Majors: Journalism, English

carquint [at] indiana [dot] edu


Grace Ryan

Study Abroad Program:
Dublin IES

Majors: Liberal Arts & Management, International Studies

gnryan [at] indiana [dot] edu


Kelli Singrey

Study Abroad Program:
Madrid IES

Majors: Spanish, International Studies

ksingrey [at] indiana [dot] edu


Annie Wharton

Study Abroad Programs:

Major: Psychology

awharton [at] indiana [dot] edu


Christine White

Study Abroad Programs:
Lima; Madrid IU

Majors: Political Science, Economics, Spanish

whitechm [at] indiana [dot] edu


Molly Zweig

Study Abroad Programs:
Buenos Aires CIEE AY; Rio de Janiero Non-IU

Majors: Spanish, Portuguese, International Studies

mczweig [at] indiana [dot] edu

I gained an enhanced view of the world. I was forced to look at American problems from an international perspective.”

-Kyra Busch, IU Overseas Study Participant, Thailand