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Applications for IU Summer Programs

Summer 2011 applications will be available beginning in October, 2010.

To apply for a summer program, submit the following:

  1. Online application
  2. Two copies of personal essay
  3. Faculty Reference
  4. One signed copy of the Agreement and Release Form
  5. Photographs (required for select programs)
  6. Two copies of your transcript
  7. Additional items (required for select programs)

Overseas Study and other special merit scholarships available for qualified students. You must apply by your program's deadline for Overseas Study Scholarships.

1. Online application:

You must submit academic data based on your current OneStart reports. Failure to do so will invalidate your application. (The only exceptions are for very recent changes in your official major, minor, grades or credit hours that have not yet been updated on OneStart.)

Prior applications will automatically be overridden by any applications subsequently submitted. Students applying to Florence and Venice summer programs have the option of indicating a second choice program to Overseas Study. Read our policy on second choice applications for more information.

With the exception of the programs listed below, if you wish to participate in TWO summer programs whose dates do not conflict, you must submit an application for one program and notify Overseas Study by e-mail at ovstmail [at] indiana [dot] edu of both programs to which you wish to apply. You must apply and send notification by the deadline of each program.  If you wish to apply to one of the following combinations of programs simply choose this dual option on the application:

  • Athens/Paros

For helpful hints regarding the application process, see our Top 10 Tips for Applying to Overseas Study.

2. Two copies of personal essay

Compose a well-written paragraph or essay in response to each question.

  • Why are you applying to this program?
  • In what specific ways will this program contribute to your overall academic and professional objectives?
  • Give evidence of your serious interest in the host country.
  • Life in another country involves significantly different living situations, academic environments and social customs. What experience and skills do you have that will help you cope with such differences?
  • What are your primary non-academic activities and interests?
  • Is there anything else you would like us to know about you? Is there anything about your academic record or information in your application that you would like to explain further?
3. Faculty Reference(s)
  • Dakar, Dublin-Internship and Oaxaca: Have one letter of recommendation sent to Overseas Study from a professor (preferred) or associate instructor who knows your work well -- not from an advisor, employer, or friend.
  • Cuernavaca, Dakar, Graz, and Salamanca only: Submit one letter of recommendation from a professor (preferred) or associate instructor of the language required on your program. See directions above.
  • Beijing and Cairo: Arrange to have letters of recommendation sent to Overseas Study from two professors (preferred) or associate instructors who know your work well -- not from an advisor, employer, or friend. See directions above.
  • Paris-Photo and Venice: Submit one letter from an art department faculty member. See directions above.
  • All other summer programs:
    • Students with a GPA below 3.0 must submit one letter of recommendation. See the instructions above.
    • Students with a GPA above 3.0 should give the name, telephone number and e-mail address of a professor Overseas Study could contact for a reference.
4. One copy of the Agreement and Release form

This document should be signed by you, and if required, your parent or guardian. Print out form from the Web. Note: Original signatures are required; scanned/faxed copies are not acceptable.

Use Adobe Acrobat Reader to open this and other PDF files (you can download and install Acrobat Reader via IUware). If you are unable to access this file, contact Overseas Study by e-mail at overseas [at] indiana [dot] edu or by phone (812) 855-9304.

5. Photographs

Submit photographs to the Office of Overseas Study for the programs listed below only.

  • Copenhagen: 4 photos
  • Graz: 1 photo
  • Maastricht: 2 photos
  • Salamanca: 1 photo

Photographs must be 2" x 2" (51 mm x 51 mm) passport-style photos (not photocopies) of yourself. They must be high quality and printed on thin photo-quality paper. Write your name on the back of each photo, then place them in an envelope with your name on the front. (Note: Wet photos have a tendency to stick together, so please be sure to keep them separated.) These photos are required for ID cards and other documents abroad. Photos are used for identification only and are not used for admissions purposes. Here are some Bloomington photo shop locations.

6. Transcripts
  • IU students: Submit Two copies of your unofficial IU transcript. You can access a copy of your complete academic record through the following steps:
    1. Go to OneStart and log in.
    2. Select the "Services" tab, then click the “Student Self-Service” tab on the left.
    3. Then click link that says “Go to Student Center.”
    4. On left of Student Center page click the link: “My Academics and Grades.”
    5. In “TRANSCRIPTS” box, click “View my Unofficial Transcript.”
    6. For "Academic Institution," select your home campus. For "Report Type" select "Unofficial/Cur Enrl/All Career" and click “View report.”
    7. Print by either selecting the "Print" link in the top right-hand corner or by hitting "Control + P."
    • Beijing, Cairo, Dublin-Internship and Maastricht Applicants ONLY: Submit one official transcript plus one photocopy. To obtain an official IU Bloomington transcript, complete a Request for Transcript form at the Registrar's Office, Franklin Hall 100, or go to “Transcripts” on the Registrar’s home page. When requesting your transcript, be sure to include your current enrollment.
    • Non-IU students: Submit one official transcript plus one photocopy.
7. Additional Items
  • Beijing, Copenhagen (business students only), Dakar, Dublin-Internship and Maastricht: Submit two copies of your current résumé. Dakar applicants are encouraged to include details about Web development and computer skills.
  • Grand Cayman: In your application essay (see above), please also describe your experience and training in SCUBA.
  • Graz: Letter in German. Write a 300-word letter in German introducing yourself to your Austrian host family. Describe your own family, your interests, hobbies, and summer plans. This letter is not a test of your German language skills. It will be sent to the Austrian family with whom you will live.
  • Oaxaca: In your application essay (see above), please also comment on your ability to read, speak, and understand Spanish (and rate these in terms of fair, good, very good, excellent). What kinds of course preparation have you had at the university and lower levels? How would you rate your comprehension of Native Spanish speakers and your ability to hold a conversation? How does studying in a Spanish speaking country pertain to your interests and training?
  • Paris-Photo: Submit ten original photographic works. Each piece should be clearly labeled with title, year, semester, and class during which the work is produced. Works can be submitted as original prints or JPG files on CD-ROM.
  • Venice: Submit five clearly-labeled slides of original creative work (CD-ROM preferred).

    Scholarship application: Scholarships are available for select programs. See if you qualify for an Overseas Study scholarship. You must apply by your program's deadline.

    Beijing, Copenhagen, Dublin-Internship and Maastricht: Kelley School of Business Overseas Scholarships are available to KSB majors who participate in these programs. You must apply by the program's deadline.

    Overseas Study CANNOT make photocopies for you. You MUST make all copies before arriving in our office.

    Dossiers are reviewed by screening committees and electronic notifications are sent to each applicant. Allow approximately 4 weeks from the Overseas Study application deadline for processing.

    Only when all of the above materials have arrived in the Overseas Study Office will your application be complete. Letters of recommendation should be submitted directly by the recommenders.

    Initial prepayment of $500 due as follows:

  • March 1, 2010 for Beijing, Dublin-Internship, Florence, Graz, London-Theatre, Oaxaca, Paris-History, Paris-Photo, Pamplona-SPEA, Venice
  • March 12, 2010 for Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Copenhagen-ID, Cuernavaca, Dakar, Grand Cayman, Maastricht, Salamanca

Apply for a passport right away; many participants will need to have passports in hand several months in advance of travel in order to secure required visa or residency permits. See our passport information page.

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