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Indiana University

After completing your research and identifying the program that best suits your own academic and personal needs, you will need to complete the paperwork to formally apply for a place on that program.

IU Programs through Overseas Study

Approximately 100 programs are administered or co-sponsored by the IU Office of Overseas Study. Application instructions are available on this Web site and the process is faciliated by staff contacts in the Office of Overseas Study. 

IU Programs through Another IU Unit

Approximately 150 programs are administered by other IU units. Instructions and procedures will vary for these programs. Information and guidance can be obtained through the contact identified in program information on the Big List

Non-IU Programs

Thousands of other program opportunities are administered by institutions and organizations based in the U.S. or abroad. Follow the non-IU procedures to apply for a program.

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Apply Now!

If you have already explored your program options, click here to access Applications

Continue Your Application

If you have already started to submit an online application or have been accepted for a program, click here to access the application portal