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Second Choice Applications Policy

Most programs administered or co-sponsored by the Office of Overseas Study at Indiana University do not have set enrollment caps. Therefore, if you meet all the eligibility requirements and do not have mitigating circumstances (i.e. disciplinary probation, low grades in your major or the language of the program, etc.) you should not be applying to more than one program. If you are interested in more than one program, you need to narrow down your selection before submitting an application.

Therefore, we will only permit students to request consideration for two programs at the same time for those programs which traditionally are oversubscribed and for which all eligible candidates cannot be accommodated. Program(s) that will allow second choice applications: Oxford-St. Anne's academic year and Florence summer.

If you are applying for one of these programs and wish to be considered for another program as a back-up, please e-mail overseas [at] iu [dot] edu to request consideration for an additional program no later than the date of the program's application deadline.

If you have designated first and second choice programs, and are accepted for your first choice program, your application for your second choice program will be cancelled.

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