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Other Opportunities

  • Archaeology Digs. Particularly in England and Israel.
  • Au Pair. Students may obtain positions to care for children and do some housework in exchange for room and board. Search the World Wide Web or you can find a job on your own using the classified ads of international newspapers or announcement boards at universities.
  • Kibbutz. A voluntary democratic community in Israel where people live and work on a communal basis in an economy oriented to agricultural or factory production.
  • Outdoor Work. There are agricultural jobs overseas and summer camp work, but hours are long and the pay is low. Also see the World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms Web page.
  • Tourist Information. Usually low paying jobs that require no prior experience but may require some foreign language background. Typical jobs: waiter, cook, cashier, clerk, dishwasher, receptionist. The hours are long, but the pay covers room and board expenses.
  • Volunteering. Students from around the world live together to work on community service projects. Learn more about volunteer opportunities.

Study abroad is like spring training for this century. It helps you develop the fundamentals, the teamwork, and the determination to succeed."

-Hillary Rodham Clinton, U.S. Secretary of State