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Satisfying General Education Requirements

World Languages & Cultures

To satisfy the World Languages & Cultures requirement, students must successfully complete one of the following:

  • Language study
  • World culture courses,
  • An international experience.

The WLC requirement must be met through one of these options, rather than mixing them.

For International Experience credit, students must complete...

  • An approved study abroad program or approved study abroad internship of at least six credit hours and at least six weeks abroad in duration
  • A combination of two programs totaling 6 credit hours*

*If a combination of programs is chosen: 

  • The international experiences must, at a minimum, be three weeks abroad in duration.
  • The student must earn at least 3 credit hours from the program for it to count as half of the 6-credit-hour requirement.
  • The language of instruction of these programs may be English or another world language, and the site of instruction may be any country except the United States.

International Experience Options

The following options are available, although certain prerequisites and conditions apply to some programs. In all cases, the programs should have been pre-approved for credit by the Overseas Study Advisory Council (1–3 below) or the Office of International Admissions (4 below):

  • IU-administered programs
  • IU co-sponsored programs
  • IU faculty-led programs
  • Non-IU programs that have been approved in advance by the Office of International Admissions via approval of the Credit Transfer Agreement Form.
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Culture Studies Requirement (College of Arts & Sciences)
Global Civilizations & Cultures*

IU-Administered of Co-Sponsored Programs

The "Global Civilizations & Cultures" course component of the Culture Studies requirement is automatically satisfied on any IU-administered or co-sponsored semester or academic year program since most of the course work on these programs is cultural in orientation.

Some summer study abroad programs (listed below) offer courses which are accepted for GCC credit.

*For students matriculating in summer 2011 forward. Other students should consult their academic or study abroad advisors for information on the appropriate culture studies requirement.


Spanish Civilization
Contemporary Spain
Survey of Literary Analysis 

HISP-S 411 (GCC)
HISP-S 411 (GCC)
HISP-S 328 (GCC) 
Amsterdam Conflict Resolution POLS-Y 353 (GCC)
Dakar Soc., Cul. & Pol. of W. Africa AFRI-L 400 (GCC)
Dublin Ireland 1798-1922 HIST-B 300* (GCC)
Florence Renaissance Florence FRIT-M 234 (GCC)
Graz Austrian Culture GER-G 361 (GCC)
London The Architecture of London FINA-A 396*
Melbourne Cross Cultural Currents ANTH-E 400* (GCC)

History of Paris
Contemporary French Civ. 

FRIT-F 362/HIST-B 300*
FRIT-F 363 
*by special permission of COLL for these programs only

Non-IU Programs

If you need GCC credit for coursework on a non-IU program, you should identify possible courses on the program that are similar to GCC courses at IU and then submit a petition form, available at the College of Arts and Sciences, Kirkwood Hall 012, or online. In general, courses will be considered for GCC credit if they treat in depth some aspect of the culture of the country or area in which you will be studying, but courses must be individually approved by the College. Courses can only be evaluated for GCC credit after they have been completed. You should bring back all relevant course materials: course descriptions, syllabi, lists of texts studied, exams and papers. 

Our daily lives are so different from people across the globe. To learn about how other people live their lives, it makes you think about how you want to live your life. It’s character building.”

-Maggie Brinley, IU Overseas Study Participant, Spain