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Overseas Study Programs with Internships

International internships are an excellent way to apply ideas and theories acquired during your courses to the professional world. It is an opportunity to address personal as well as professional development goals, gain employment skills and identify your own strengths and preferences while learning within a structured environment. International internships allow you to explore different communication styles and work cultures.

Indiana University will only award internship credit for those internships that are done in conjunction with an academic course that ties the experience together. Nearly all such internships have two components: work in the placement and a related academic project. You cannot earn credit simply for working abroad. Because most internships fulfill only part of your full academic course load, you may be required to enroll in additional, unrelated courses to complete your course load. Most often internships abroad will provide no salary or monetary compensation.

The following IU programs offer internships: 

Semester Programs
Summer Programs

In an increasingly competitive global economy, the international dimension of education is becoming more and more important. Indeed, it is a matter of practical necessity: we have to provide it as a part of a good education, and students increasingly demand it."

-IU President Michael A. McRobbie

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