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Fine Arts

The vast majority of programs abroad do not offer studio art courses. Studio art majors should consider taking some of their art history requirements while abroad.

IU Semester Programs

* - Academic year or semester option available
** - Academic year option available to qualified students

Mainstreamed Programs in English

Mainstreamed programs offer the widest range of courses through their university’s Fine Arts department and attract the largest number of majors. These programs also offer the best opportunity for cultural immersion.


Representative list of previous courses 

  • Aboriginal Art
  • Aesthetics
  • Art and Architecture of the Renaissance
  • Art History and Theories
  • Beauty and Theory
  • Classical Art and Archaeology
  • Reading the Image
Mainstreamed Programs in Other Langauges

These programs require proficiency in a second language and offer different degrees of mainstreaming. Variety and number of courses varies by program, but all of them offer the opportunity to study at least one or two Fine Arts courses in another language.


Representative list of previous courses

  • Art Contemporain
  • Art et Politique
  • Arte de Islam
  • Arte Gotica
  • Storia dell’arte Bizantina
  • Unterricht: Holz und Linolschnitt
Programs for U.S.-based students taught in English or Other Languages

We offer a number of programs that provide a limited selection of area studies courses that are taught exclusively for Americans. Generally one language class is required for programs that operate in a country where English is not the native language. Some of the programs offer classes only in the host country’s language. Coursework taken on the programs would fulfill general education, elective, and possibly major or minor requirements. All of the programs allow you to take one course at an outside university where you might find a suitable Fine Arts course.

Programs in English

Programs in another language

Summer studio art programs

During the summer, Studio Art faculty members regularly teach courses for IU credit in Beijing, FlorenceParis and Venice. Note that some programs do not run every year.

Affiliated Study Abroad Programs

In order to receive Studio credit, you must work closely with your advisor and present a portfolio upon completion of the program.

In an increasingly competitive global economy, the international dimension of education is becoming more and more important. Indeed, it is a matter of practical necessity: we have to provide it as a part of a good education, and students increasingly demand it."

-IU President Michael A. McRobbie

Other Options

All IU majors can explore opportunities in a wide range of IU and Non-IU programs.

IU Programs

Non-IU Programs

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