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Students in the Kelley School of Business may apply to ANY Overseas Study program for which they meet the eligibility and selection criteria. Students should consult with their business advisor to determine how these programs meet their degree program requirements.

All semester programs and some summer programs require the completion of ECON-E 201, ECON-E 202 and the Business Integrative Core (or equivalent coursework at an IU campus outside Bloomington) before participation. Please check program flyers for eligibility requirements.

With the exception of the KSB Exchange Programs, Liberal Arts and Management Program (LAMP) students are eligible to apply for these programs and must have completed BUS-K 201 and ECON-E 201 and ECON-E 202 prior to participation.

Semester Programs
Summer Programs
Non-Business Programs

Business students participate in many other IU Overseas Study programs. Participation in any IU overseas study program of at least six-weeks duration satisfies the World Languages and Cultures requirement if you earn at least 6 credit hours. Course work may count towards general education requirements, an outside minor or, in special cases, a second degree.

Non-IU Programs

Many business students participate in study abroad programs offered through other universities. Full-time participation in these may satisfy the World Languages and Cultures requirement, and, in certain cases, program courses can count towards the International Studies Concentration or the Global Studies and Languages Field Specialization (for students who matriculated prior to 2011). Some courses may also be used towards other general education requirements if they receive approval by following the online instructions for transferring credit.

Combining Foreign Language with Business

Often students inquire as to how they may combine their interest in a foreign language while pursuing studies in business. Students may not officially have a language major as part of their degree in the Kelley School of Business because languages fall under the domain of the College of Arts and Science. However, there are options for combining one's interests in business and a language area:

  • An International Business Second Concentration in the School of Business

Students complete BUS D301 & D302, 6 hours of a language at the 200 level or above, 6 hours on an approved overseas study program, and 9 hours of International Business electives at Kelley or abroad.

  • An Global Studies and Languages Field Specialization in the Kelley School of Business

Students may complete this optional component of the general education requirement by taking 27 credits (at least 6 at the 300/400 level) within one department in the International Specialization area (see p.22 of the current Business bulletin). Language courses can be used but cannot double count for the International Dimension or the International Studies Concentration.

  • An official minor in a language with a degree in Business

Students complete the degree in the Kelley School of Business but also follow a language department’s requirements for the minor. Most language minors involve at least 15 credits of language study beyond the 100-level. Check the College of Arts and Sciences bulletin for specific requirements. Apply for the minor through the relevant language department. Minor forms are available at the Information Window on the second floor of the School of Business.

  • An UNOFFICIAL major in a language with a degree in Business

Students complete the degree in the Kelley School of Business but also follow the language department’s requirements for the major in that department only. When they are ready to graduate the director of undergraduate studies or, in some cases, the chair of the language department can provide for their placement file a letter which states that they have completed all the department requirements for the major. The business students list on their resume that they have the equivalent of a language major.

  • Two separate degrees, a BS in Business and a BA from the College

This plan requires that students satisfy the requirements of both schools AND graduate with 26 hours OVER the minimum for the first degree (122 hours in the College, 124 in Business). The second requirement is waived if both degrees are conferred at the same graduation. A student in the Kelley School of Business would need to satisfy all the College’s distributional requirements, including intensive writing and culture studies. Some of the courses that applied to business prerequisites might crosslist in these areas. The University does not encourage students to pursue this 2-degree route because it typically entails an additional year of school. If the student would be spending 5 years at IU in any case, the option may be more viable.

  • A degree from the College with a minor in the Kelley School of Business

Students admitted to COAS must complete seven courses (21 credit hours) for a minor in Business.

  • The Liberal Arts and Management Program (LAMP) through COAS

Students pursue a BA degree in the College with a major in a foreign language (or any other field in the College); at the same time they take courses leading to a Certificate in Liberal Arts and Management, including 15-20 hours of Business courses and 9 hours of interdisciplinary seminars.

In an increasingly competitive global economy, the international dimension of education is becoming more and more important. Indeed, it is a matter of practical necessity: we have to provide it as a part of a good education, and students increasingly demand it."

-IU President Michael A. McRobbie

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