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Public Health

There are an increasing number of study abroad opportunities for students in the Indiana University School of Public Health-Bloomington (formerly HPER, School of Health, Physical Education and Recreation). With careful planning, students can study abroad and graduate on time even if they do not fulfill requirements for their majors while abroad.

SPH-B students can also earn credit toward a second major or a minor, fulfill distribution, culture studies, and/or elective requirements while studying abroad thereby still keeping on track with graduation requirements.

All SPH-B students must work with their academic advisors to verify that credit from a study abroad program can be applied to their SPH degree requirements. Programs listed may only have course options for one or two of the SPH-B students. You will need to research each program option or contact Overseas Study for more details on which programs are best suited for your major.

IU Programs

** - Academic year option available to qualified students

Mainstreamed Programs in English & Other Languages

Mainstreamed programs offer the widest range of courses from the whole curriculum of these universities. These programs also offer the best opportunity for cultural immersion.


Programs for US-Based Students taught in English

We offer a number of programs that provide a limited selection of area studies courses that are taught exclusively for Americans. Generally one language class is required for programs that operate in a country where English is not the native language. Some of the programs offer classes only in the host country’s language. Coursework taken on the programs would fulfill general education, elective, and possibly major or minor requirements.



International internships are an excellent way to apply ideas and theories acquired during your courses to the professional world. A number of study abroad programs offer an internship option.  See Internships for more information.

Other IU Programs  

SPH majors are encouraged to consider SPH-Bloomington programs developed for majors.

  • Asia Study Tour (SUM). Three-credit course in Public Health/Healthcare topics. Contact Noy Kay for more information.
  • Melbourne, Australia (SEM). Tourism and recreation studies at Victoria University for Exercise Science and Fitness Specialist majors, and Recreation, Park and Tourism studies majors. Contact Nicole Anderson for more information. 
  • Dominican Republic - Underwater Science (SUM). Contact Charles Beeker for more information.
  • Dominican Republic - Athletic Training (SUM). A two-week travel course designed to give athletic training students exposure to healthcare for athletic teams in the Dominican Republic. Contact Katie Grove for more information.

Additional programs are coordinated by IU departments, schools or campuses. In all cases information about the programs (e.g. program details, credit awarded, financial aid, eligibility, deadlines, costs, application instructions, etc.) must be sought from the sponsoring unit.

Non-IU Options

The public health majors at IU are not easily found in other countries. Mainstreamed non-IU programs in Australia tend to have the most course options for public health majors.

In an increasingly competitive global economy, the international dimension of education is becoming more and more important. Indeed, it is a matter of practical necessity: we have to provide it as a part of a good education, and students increasingly demand it."

-IU President Michael A. McRobbie

Other Options

All IU majors can explore opportunities in a wide range of IU and Non-IU programs.

IU Programs

Non-IU Programs

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