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CIEE (Council on International Educational Exchange)
Intensive Italian language (6 credits) and Italian culture, history, gender studies in English. Designed for students with 0-3 semesters of Italian.


The College of Global Studies (Arcadia University)
All levels of Italian language offered, so no previous study required.  Language courses complimented with electives in English, where advanced students can take mainstreamed courses with local university students.  Housing in apartments or homestays.


The College of Global Studies (Arcadia University)
Classes in English and Italian at the Umbra Institute in language, anthropology, art, philosophy, film/media studies. No previous Italian required.


IES (Institute for International Education of Students)
Italian language class, program course focused on culture of the area and area studies courses in English or Italian. Requires one semester of Italian. Students with advanced Italian may take courses at Universitá degli Studi di Siena.


The College of Global Studies (Arcadia University)
Courses of all disciplines offered at the Mediterranean Center for Arts and Sciences.  Housing in shared student apartments.  No prior Italian required.

Non-IU Procedures


A number of IU students each year choose to participate in a program organized by a different university or program provider. To determine the steps you need to take to study on a non-IU program, read more about non-IU procedures.