Schedule an Advising Appointment

Overseas Study Advisors

Please identify the appropriate advisor, follow the link, and search for the advisor in SAS. While the office is closed due to the pandemic, students can schedule virtual appointments with an advisor or view our virtual drop-in hours in SAS.

Sam Hudson -

Sam advises for IU programs in Spain, Portugal, Latin America, and for Rome-ICCS and the following IES Abroad programs: Amsterdam, Milan, Paris, Rome, and Tokyo. He also advises for summer programs and summer internships in the above locations, as well as summer internships in Australia. Schedule an appointment with Sam.

Allie Prieboy -

Allie assists students pursuing independent, non-IU program options around the world, including guiding them through the non-IU process and procedures. She also advises for IU programs in the United Kingdom and Ireland (including Oxford, Canterbury, London-IES, and Dublin-IES) as well as IU Co-sponsored programs: Athens (CYA), Copenhagen (DIS), Florence (CAPA), Pune and Jerusalem. Schedule an appointment with Allie.

Amanda Roshan-Rawaan -

Amanda advises for IU programs in Australia, New Zealand, Germany, and Austria; IU administered programs in Aix-en-Provence, Bologna, and Nagoya; and the following CIEE programs: Amman, Cape Town, Gaborone, Legon, Paris (summer music program), Prague, Rennes, Seoul, and St. Petersburg. Schedule an appointment with Amanda.