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Overseas Study Advisors

Please visit One.IU to access the Student Appointment Scheduler (SAS) tile. Then search for the relevant advisor in SAS. 

Eunice Epling

Eunice advises for the following programs with CIEE: Paris-Music, Prague, Rennes, Seoul, St. Petersburg; the following programs with IES: Milan, Paris, Rome;  the following IU programs: Aix-IU, Nagoya-IU, Greece Food-IU, as well as Copenhagen-DIS, Florence CAPA, Greece-CYA, and Rome-ICCS. She also works with national scholarships, such as Boren, Gilman, and Freeman-ASIA.

Sam Hudson -

Sam advises for IU programs in Spain, Portugal, and Latin America. 

Amanda Roshan-Rawaan -

Amanda advises for IU programs in Australia, New Zealand, Germany, and Austria; Bologna-IU and Prague-CIEE

Mel Wanninger -

Mel advises for the following IU programs with CIEE: Amsterdam+London, Amman, Cape Town, Gaborone, Legon, Monteverde; the following IU programs with IES: London and Dublin; the following IU programs: Jerusalem-IU, Grand Cayman-IU, Canterbury-IU, and St Anne's-IU; all co-sponsored summer internships, summer LSE, and semester Pune-Alliance.