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Overseas Study Advisors

Please visit One.IU to access the Student Appointment Scheduler (SAS) tile. Then search for the relevant advisor in SAS. 

Sam Hudson -

Sam advises for IU programs in Spain, Portugal, Latin America, and for Rome-ICCS and the following IES Abroad programs: Amsterdam, Milan, Paris, Rome, and Tokyo. He also advises for summer programs and summer internships in the above locations, as well as summer internships in Australia.

Allie Prieboy -

Allie assists students pursuing independent, non-IU program options around the world, including guiding them through the non-IU process and procedures. She also advises for IU programs in the United Kingdom and Ireland (including Oxford, Canterbury, London-IES, and Dublin-IES) as well as IU Co-sponsored programs: Athens (CYA), Copenhagen (DIS), Florence (CAPA), Pune and Jerusalem.

Amanda Roshan-Rawaan -

Amanda advises for IU programs in Australia, New Zealand, Germany, and Austria; IU administered programs in Aix-en-Provence, Bologna, and Nagoya; and the following CIEE programs: Amman, Cape Town, Gaborone, Legon, Paris (summer music program), Prague, Rennes, Seoul, and St. Petersburg.