UK Today

The London predeparture guide prepared by IES provides important information about the program, and you should read it with care. The following supplemental information pertains to Indiana University students only.

IES and IU

IES Abroad is a nonprofit organization that administers 140+ study abroad programs in more then 34 global locations worldwide. More than 250 U.S. colleges and universities, including Indiana University, have formal agreements with IES, and their representatives work with the Institute to set academic policy and approve curricula. Through its office in Chicago, IES administers the London UK Today program.

IU has made special arrangements with IES to recruit and orient IU students for this summer program. As a result, IU students make up at least half the enrollment on the London program. You will, however, have many classmates and flatmates who come individually from other U.S. universities.

Financial Arrangements

You pay all program fees directly to Indiana University. Any questions regarding finances for the program, including financial aid, should be addressed to the Office of Overseas Study at Indiana University. Students from other U.S. universities have different arrangements with IES regarding fees and housing deposits.


You will earn 6 IU credits for two courses from the following list:

IES CourseIU EquivalentCOLL

Architecture of London

1600-Present Day

ARTH-A 396

Britain in the 1940s

Film and Literature

MSCH-OS 100*
or COLL-OS 103**

British Youth Culture from 1950 to the Present

MSCH-V 334
or SOC-S 346
or MSCH-OS 300*


Censored! What the British Could Not See

MSCH-F 445
or SPEA-OS 100*

International Marketing Management: Europe

BUS-OS 100†
or SPEA-OS 100*

Living and Dying in 17th & 18th Century London


Media & UK Politics

or MSCH-OS 300*
or MSCH-F 445


Modern British Novel

ENG-L 346
or COLL-OS 103++


Theater in London: An Introduction

THTR-OS 100*
or COLL-OS 103**

*DEPT-OS 100 (-OS 300) is the default designation to identify courses recorded as 100-level (300-level) undistributed credit that can count in total hours toward graduation and may be able to satisfy major, minor, or distributional requirements with the approval of the participant’s department.

†Business students will only be awarded elective Business credit for this course. No exceptions are possible.

General Education Requirement: This program will satisfy the International Experience option of the World Languages & Cultures general education requirements.


Enrollment On-Site

Although you will be asked to indicate course preferences to IES after acceptance, final enrollment will not be confirmed until you arrive in London. IES is committed to placing every student in his/her first choice courses, but you should remain flexible about your alternative choice. If you have any questions about how London courses fit into your degree program, contact Overseas Study.

Courses cover a great deal of material rapidly. Do not let the excitement of London distract you from your studies. Prepare your papers and reports far enough in advance to avoid the last-minute crunch at the IES Center computers, which are available limited hours.