The Paris Predeparture Guide prepared by IES provides important information about the program, and you should read it with care. The following supplemental information pertains to Indiana University students only.


IES Abroad is a nonprofit organization that administers 120+ study abroad programs in more than 30 global locations worldwide. More than 235 U.S. colleges and universities, including Indiana University, have formal agreements with IES, and their representatives work with the Institute to set academic policy and approve curricula. Through its office in Chicago, IES administers the Paris program during the academic year and the summer. The IU Office of Overseas Study has made special arrangements with IES for sponsorship of the Paris-History program in Paris.

Professor Emeritus David Pace will teach the course in Paris. Because he is from IU and familiar with IU policies and procedures, he may be able to provide special liaison and counsel to IU students. Note, however, that his role is primarily as an instructor. If you have questions regarding housing, or getting around Paris, or in case of emergency, contact the IES staff in Paris.


You pay all program fees directly to Indiana University. Any questions regarding finances for the program, including financial aid, should be addressed to the Office of Overseas Study at Indiana University. Students from other U.S. universities have different arrangements with IES regarding fees and housing deposits.


General Education Requirement: This program will partially satisfy the International Experience option of the World Languages & Cultures general education requirements. (Students will need to complete an additional 3-credit, 3-week IU-administered, co-sponsored, faculty-led or approved Non-IU overseas study program in order to fully satisfy the requirement.)

IES CourseIU EquivalentCOLL
The Golden Age of Paris (3cr)

The Golden Age of Paris

HIST-B 303



IES staff will provide a list of reputable physicians. They can assist you on-site if you have any medical problems.


Health insurance is included in your program fee. IES materials will provide a description of benefits.