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July 23, 2016

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Welcome Home!

Welcome home! Chances are you might be going through some stages of culture shock again (now called reverse culture shock), or might begin experiencing this within the next few months as you try to adapt to your environment at home, IU, and the U.S. again.

You are not in a new environment, but you are a changed person coming back to an old environment, and you may not have expected that reverse change to be hard. Your semester abroad may have included speaking a foreign language, adapting your lifestyle to a culture that doesn’t go to sleep at 11 p.m., but begins to go out at that hour, and being successful in a different academic culture. Through new experiences, you’ve gained an incredible amount of independence, and a new perspective on the world. Not only have you had to readjust to life back in the US, but you’ve also had to reconnect with friends and family who didn’t experience your study abroad program.

Overseas Study encourages you to look for opportunities to apply your experience abroad to your life at “home.” You might consider being a language partner for an international student, or participating in language coffee hours/tables. We have several opportunities to help you integrate your overseas experience back at IU. Please read the specific announcements below for more details!

Check out this post from our fall 2013 blogger Natalie about reverse culture shock for more insight.

Updates & Reminders

Sign up to be a returnee contact and help other students explore their study abroad options. If you participated in an IU program, visit our website to complete the online form that will add your name to a secure web-based database. Students can then access your information and contact you with questions. Students that participated on a non-IU program and would like to be a returnee contact should e-mail us.

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Maximizing your time before coming home

"Whether you are doing a year-long or a semester program, the halfway point makes things a little bit trickier as you try to balance midterm school work and free time. Unfortunately, study abroad does not last forever, and before you know it, you will be boarding the flight to return home."  

Craig Skillman, Lima, Fall '14 & Sao-Paulo, Spring '15

Stay Connected

Read what your peers are saying about studying abroad at our Student Stories Blog. Here are some recent posts:

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We're Halfway There!

"I have officially been in Europe for 3 weeks. I’ve finished an entire course, took a few weekend trips around the country, and even stayed in Stockholm, Sweden for a few days. I’ve eaten great food, terrible food, and had some interesting experiences while watching Danes drink in the streets at Distortion, one of the largest music festivals in Europe that spills socialization into the streets during the longest summer days."   [read more]

Rachel Larsen, Copenhagen, Denmark, Summer 2016

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Sachsenhausen: Past and Present

"In our second week we had our longest and most intimidating journey, a visit to a concentration camp. This past semester I took a class on the history of the Holocaust as part of my history degree, so I knew the logistics of what happened... I just didn’t know what to expect when seeing the camp in person."   [read more]

Sarah Monnier, Berlin, Germany, Summer 2016

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Sunday, Day of Rest

"So far, my new friend, the FitBit ChargeHR, has tracked 104 flights of stairs, 23.6 miles, and 52,699 steps. For roughly 48 hours, I’d say we have made a dent in the calles of Venice. It’s hard to describe the feeling I’ve gotten from walking around Venice."   [read more]

Amanda Duba, Venice, Italy, Summer 2016


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