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April 8, 2016

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IU Day 4.12.16

Help Put IU Day on the Map

IU Day celebrations are happening online and around the world, so you can join in the fun from your living room, your cubicle, or wherever you find yourself on April 12.

Dots mark individual celebrations. IU tridents mark official public events. Click the map legend icon in the top-left corner for more info on what’s happening and where. Be sure to fill out the form and indicate where you’re studying and you’ll be added to the map!


Share your #IUday

Fired up for the big day? Help spread the word! Snap and send an IU Day selfie. Announce your hour-by-hour binge-watch plans. Tell the world you plan to give. And share it all with #IUday.

Or just sign up for IU Day’s Thunderclap campaign, and on IU Day, your social media status will automatically be updated with an IU Day announcement.

However you choose to share, you’ll be supporting the university you love by showing the world your IU pride—and encouraging others to do the same!

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Maximizing your time before coming home

"Whether you are doing a year-long or a semester program, the halfway point makes things a little bit trickier as you try to balance midterm school work and free time. Unfortunately, study abroad does not last forever, and before you know it, you will be boarding the flight to return home."  

Craig Skillman, Lima, Fall '14 & Sao-Paulo, Spring '15

Stay Connected

Read what your peers are saying about studying abroad at our Student Stories Blog. Here are some recent posts:

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We're Halfway There!

"I have officially been in Europe for 3 weeks. I’ve finished an entire course, took a few weekend trips around the country, and even stayed in Stockholm, Sweden for a few days. I’ve eaten great food, terrible food, and had some interesting experiences while watching Danes drink in the streets at Distortion, one of the largest music festivals in Europe that spills socialization into the streets during the longest summer days."   [read more]

Rachel Larsen, Copenhagen, Denmark, Summer 2016

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Sachsenhausen: Past and Present

"In our second week we had our longest and most intimidating journey, a visit to a concentration camp. This past semester I took a class on the history of the Holocaust as part of my history degree, so I knew the logistics of what happened... I just didn’t know what to expect when seeing the camp in person."   [read more]

Sarah Monnier, Berlin, Germany, Summer 2016

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Sunday, Day of Rest

"So far, my new friend, the FitBit ChargeHR, has tracked 104 flights of stairs, 23.6 miles, and 52,699 steps. For roughly 48 hours, I’d say we have made a dent in the calles of Venice. It’s hard to describe the feeling I’ve gotten from walking around Venice."   [read more]

Amanda Duba, Venice, Italy, Summer 2016


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