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February 2018

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What You Need to Know

Whether you’ve just arrived, you're en route, or you're practicing packing, here’s our list of Top Five Things To Do When You Arrive:

  1. Contact your family and friends – they want to know you’re there! (Hint: snag free WiFi at the airport or your housing site.)
  2. Attend your program’s orientation - you'll receive loads of valuable information.
  3. Save your program’s emergency contact info to your phone.
  4. Enroll in STEP (if you haven’t already): Smart Traveler Enrollment Program. You'll receive alerts for your location in the event of an emergency.
  5. Email your study abroad advisor with your final list of courses.

Our Peer Counselors’ list of Top Five Challenges To Do When You Arrive:

  1. Pick your most favorite “first-few-days” picture and tag #HoosiersAbroad.
  2. Explore at least one new eatery and tag #HoosiersAbroad as you sample new foods.
  3. Plan a scavenger hunt: find your local pharmacy, ATM/bank, grocery store, etc…
  4. Try all modes of transportation: sample the bus, bike, metro, and foot and get to know your way around town.
  5. Have roommates? Plan a roommate activity, e.g. cooking dinner, traveling, or attending a concert (same advice if you have a host family!).

What You Can Expect From Us

We’ll be in touch with you a few times during your term abroad with info such as:

  • Requests for course info (especially if you’re getting courses reviewed for equivalencies)
  • Travel advisory messages from the US State Department, as necessary
  • Interesting opportunities, such as jobs, photo contests, and guest blogging

Looking Ahead (and Around)

  • It’s never too early to think about putting this amazing experience on your resume. Later, we’ll be in touch with resume tips and strategies to maximize your semester abroad.
  • Gather new ideas for travel, food, reflection, and more by following blogs from your program provider, Lonely Planet, OR inspire others and write for us!


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You're Not Just on Vacation

Halley Rose, a senior Environmental & Sustainability Studies and French double-major, gets real about what to expect: “Let go of the notion that everything abroad is going to be amazing. There is a lot of pressure to post cool pictures and show everyone back home how much fun you are having, but those snapshots are not what defines your experience abroad. Sometimes the most memorable aspects of being abroad are the non-glamourous trips to the grocery store or bus stop. You are not just on vacation, you are living abroad and there will be ups and downs just like in real life.”  

- Halley Rose Meslin, Peer Counselor (Cannes, France and Copenhagen, Denmark)

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Branch Out and Make New Friends

Kyle, a senior Informatics major, remembers feeling more and more comfortable as the weeks went by. "First, start planning your travel for the rest of the semester. The earlier you book travel and living arrangements, the cheaper it’ll be. Second, branch out and make new friends with US students from other colleges/universities and/or local university students."  

- Kyle Quinn, Peer Counselor (Milan, Italy)


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