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February 2018

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So….How’s It Going?

Whether you’re settled in or still settling in, let us know what you love most about your program, city, or country. Share your favorite photos with us on Instagram using the hashtag #HoosiersAbroad.

Course Enrollment
Reminder: contact your study abroad advisor if you change your courses overseas!

Umail Change in March
Student email (Umail) accounts will migrate to Google at IU in March 2018. Learn more about the upgrade and what you can do to prepare. (Note: action must be taken soon to avoid loss of contacts and emails)

Fall 2018 Enrollment
Registration for Fall 2018 classes will open in the next few weeks, so be sure to pay attention to your registration time AND any important emails from your academic advisors.

Write for our Student Blog!
We want to hear from you. We know you're busy, but writing about your experiences can be a great way to document your time spent abroad. Contact us for more information.


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You're Not Just on Vacation

Halley Rose, a senior Environmental & Sustainability Studies and French double-major, gets real about what to expect: “Let go of the notion that everything abroad is going to be amazing. There is a lot of pressure to post cool pictures and show everyone back home how much fun you are having, but those snapshots are not what defines your experience abroad. Sometimes the most memorable aspects of being abroad are the non-glamourous trips to the grocery store or bus stop. You are not just on vacation, you are living abroad and there will be ups and downs just like in real life.”  

- Halley Rose Meslin, Peer Counselor (Cannes, France and Copenhagen, Denmark)

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Branch Out and Make New Friends

Kyle, a senior Informatics major, remembers feeling more and more comfortable as the weeks went by. "First, start planning your travel for the rest of the semester. The earlier you book travel and living arrangements, the cheaper it’ll be. Second, branch out and make new friends with US students from other colleges/universities and/or local university students."  

- Kyle Quinn, Peer Counselor (Milan, Italy)

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Take It From Us - Netflix and Mt. Dew Are Okay

“While studying abroad in Scotland, I tried to do my laundry in the ONE washer/dryer for the whole building. When I discovered that neither was working, full meltdown mode began. I thought to myself ‘This would never happen back home!’ What seemed like a really trivial matter suddenly became the biggest ordeal. Adapting to a new culture and the stresses associated with that can accumulate over time, and even the smallest thing can set you off. But that’s okay! I remedied the situation by taking some time to surround myself with familiar things - Mt. Dew, Friends, and Skyping with my family back home - but just for an afternoon. Things from home shouldn’t *always* be used as a crutch during challenging times abroad, but they’re there for you when you need them most.”  

- Kyle Hayes, Study Abroad Advisor


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