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September 2017

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Updates & Reminders

New Staff:
We've undergone staffing changes this summer, and we'd like to e-introduce you to our new staff:

  • Amanda Roshan-Rawaan, Assistant Director
  • Sam Hudson, Study Abroad Advisor
  • Caleb Gardner, Communications Coordinator

Arriving Abroad:
Once you have arrived at your program site, be sure to contact family and friends in the U.S. They will be anxious to know you arrived safely. Please remember that it may take some time for you to get acclimated and acquire ready access to phones or email. Your program organizers will be monitoring your arrival situation, so someone will be tracking your activities should something go awry (i.e. delays, cancellations, etc), therefore your family should not be concerned if you don't phone immediately upon arrival. You may want to consider options like Skype, WhatsApp, GoogleHangouts or FaceTime for staying in touch.

Upcoming Newsletters:
We will correspond with you through e-mail periodically while you are abroad. Additionally, we will forward travel advisory messages from the U.S. State Department as necessary. These may include similar pieces of advice we gave you at orientation as well as recommendations you will receive on-site – keep a low profile, minimize your appearance as a tourist and carefully monitor your personal items (wallet, purse, backpack, electronics, etc.).

We recommend that you travel with heightened awareness at all times. Be alert when taking public transportation in case there are suspicious packages or individuals in your proximity. Should there be an incident in your city or a specific travel warning for your host country, you will receive specific details and recommendations. Visit the State Department's Students Abroad webpage for additional resources.

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Arrival Advice from a Peer Counselor

Decorate your room. Your surroundings are probably pretty bare, right? Make your space homey by hanging things on the walls. I put up post cards and maps from all the places I visited. It was a cheap way to personalize my room and keep track of where I travelled. - Halley Rose Meslin (Cannes, France and Copenhagen, Denmark)  

Halley Rose Meslin (Cannes, France and Copenhagen, Denmark)

Stay Connected

Read what your peers are saying about studying abroad at our Student Stories Blog. Here are some recent posts:

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The main reason I have come to terms with traveling light is because what you pack won’t define your trip.   [read more]

Susanna Sorrels, Seville-CIEE, Spring 2017

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Academic Life, Social Life, and Beyond

The British university system is not simply easier or harder than universities in the U.S. They have different teaching and learning concepts.   [read more]

Philip Jiao, Canterbury-IU, Spring 2017

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Adventures with German Kitchen

At first I thought that figuring out things like outlets, showers, and other household utilities would be the hardest – but nope, it was the kitchen.   [read more]

Rebecca Haley, Freiburg-IU, Spring 2017


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