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April 25, 2017

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Dear Study Abroad Students,

It is extremely important that you make preparations to maintain access to IU technology while abroad. Students who are required to use Duo Two-Step Login will have fewer options and face additional obstacles when authenticating abroad, potentially losing access to key services and systems, including IU email and class registration.

UITS is providing an information session at our office from 3-4pm, Thursday, April 27th. If you cannot attend this event, please read the information below and visit any UITS support center for additional help.

Duo Two-Step Login

We highly encourage all students to enroll in Duo Two-Step Login before traveling abroad. IU's VPN service (required to access certain IU systems when off-campus) already requires Two-Step Login for all users. Depending on the length of your study abroad program, additional services may begin requiring Two-Step login while you are abroad. 

Known issues with Duo Two-Step Login while abroad:

  • Students who expect to purchase a new smart device (or to obtain an international SIM card while abroad) will need access to a second authentication method in order to enroll the new device or new SIM card.
  • Students must have access to a US phone number to enroll a Google Voice account as an authentication method.
  • Students with limited access to wifi and/or cell service may need additional authentication options.
  • Phone call and text message authentication methods will not work with international phone numbers.
  • Students must produce a government-issued ID when authenticating via Video Chat.

We encourage students to obtain a single-button hardware token as a backup. These small devices do not require internet or cell access, and are ideal when switching to a new device or in the event that a mobile device loses power, breaks, or gets lost. The free hardware token can only be obtained and registered at a UITS Support Center.

See additional information about Using Duo Two-Step Login while traveling on the IU Knowledge Base.

Please email us with any questions or concerns.


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 This message was sent by the Office of Overseas Study to all Indiana University students scheduled to study abroad. If you are not about to go abroad and received this in error, please notify us by e-mailing overseas@iu.edu.
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