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Fall 2016

August 25, 2016

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New Programs & Program Updates

Amsterdam-IES Semester Program

We have adopted the “Psychology and Sciences” program in Amsterdam with IES Abroad. The program offers strong English-taught courses in a variety of disciplines including Biology, Computer Science, Neuroscience and Psychology. Students take courses directly at VU University in Amsterdam and live in single rooms in a VU campus residence hall. The program is available as an IU co-sponsored option starting for Spring 2017. Applications are now open with an application deadline of September 6th.

Other new opportunities:

There continues to be growth in international study opportunities in IU schools and units. 60 new study abroad programs were created through the IU system in 2015-16. Students should check IU’s Big List for specific information about programs administered by other IU units and campuses. The Big List also includes non-credit volunteer opportunities.

Stay Connected!

The Office of Overseas Study continues to update its Twitter feed and Facebook page with new blog posts, news, announcements and other study abroad-related items.


Explore photography from students abroad on Instagram using #iustudyabroad. Four times a year, our staff will pick our favorite photos and share them with the study abroad community.

"From I to U" Study Abroad Blog

Read about students' experiences abroad on our official student study abroad blog: "From I to U".  Six students will be blogging for us from around the world this fall:

  • Natalie Leon: Canterbury, England
  • Christy Margeson: Nagoya, Japan
  • Megan Read: Quito, Ecuador
  • Miranda Sanders: Perth, Australia
  • Myekeal SmithCanberra, Australia
  • Morgan Ward: Florence, Italy

Reminders for Advisors

Overseas Study Exploratory Center in GISB Closure

The Overseas Study Exploratory Center in the Global and International Studies Building closed over the summer due to low traffic. Please refer students to our main office for advising, Leo R. Dowling International Center, 111 S. Jordan Ave.

Overseas Study AdRx notes for study abroad appointments

Overseas Study will now be adding notes to AdRx for advising appointments. We’ll also be uploading advising plans to AdRx for semester and academic year students.

Approval Memos
If you are aware of students who will be going abroad and will be seeking IU course equivalencies, please encourage them to have their courses reviewed for course approvals as soon as possible. Assessing courses prior to the end of a program will make the reporting of grades a much smoother process and will allow students to see how credits from abroad will fulfill requirements at a much earlier date. Course approval memos should be submitted by advisors or faculty using the online course approval memo form which can be found on our Course Approval Memo Web page. If you are a new academic advisor, you’ll need to be given access to the course approval memo. To request access, please see the Course Approval Memo web page listed above.

Non-IU Program Application Forms
Overseas Study should sign all approval/permission forms for students studying on non-IU programs. If students contact you to sign permission/approval forms for their non-IU study abroad program, please refer them to OVST during our daily walk-in hours 1-4 p.m., Monday through Friday. The only exceptions are forms produced by our office (i.e. application for OVST Y-496 to use their financial aid).

Fulfilling General Education Requirements abroad
Just a reminder that students can fulfill their World Languages and Culture requirement by studying abroad on an IU-administered, co-sponsored, departmental or non-IU program that is at least six weeks and six credits in length. Completion of the World Languages and Culture requirement is reported in December and June so there may be a delay of one semester in a student’s record being updated. In addition, students can fulfill their breadth of inquiry: Arts & Humanities and breadth of inquiry: Social & Historical Studies credits abroad.

We covered these and many other topics at the Academic Advisors Workshop in August. If you weren't able, you can download the presentation here

Contact Us

Katie Saur

Katie Saur

Assistant Director

Advises for: Australia, Germany, New Zealand, Austria
Danielle Samek

Danielle Samek

Study Abroad Advisor

Advises for: Spain, Portugal, Latin America
Kyle Hayes

Kyle Hayes

Study Abroad Advisor

Advises for: UK, Ireland, Africa, India, Middle East, programs with experiential components
Elizabeth Shuman

Elizabeth Shuman

Study Abroad Advisor

Advises for: East Asia, France, Italy, Greece, Scandinavia, and Central & Eastern Europe
Anna Bragin

Anna Bragin

Program Specialist

Advises for: all non-IU programs


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