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Fall 2021

August 2021

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Overseas Study Update

The entire staff of the Office of Overseas Study is now back working in person at the Dowling International Center. We continue to support study abroad for a limited number of programs that have established appropriate protocols to address the pandemic. Check our website for information regarding our plans. Each day, we see more and more student interest in study abroad, which is a testament to IU’s global culture. 

Our focus in Fall 2021 is to support the growing number of applicant and inquiry students, as well as students studying abroad this semester. Additionally, we are offering “classic” events and new events, such as a Spotlight Series. Please accept this newsletter update in lieu of our annual August academic advisor meeting. If you have any questions, contact us at overseas@iu.edu.

Spring 2022 Applications Open

Applications for Spring 2022 are now open! Deadlines are available on our website; the earliest deadline is August 25, so please encourage students to contact us!

Students considering a non-IU study abroad program (that is, a program that is not run through our office or an on-campus unit) should be in touch with Allie Prieboy to understand the pandemic’s effect on the non-IU procedures.

Passport Processing Delays

The U.S. Department of State’s passport processing time is 12-18 weeks. Our office has advised applicants to apply immediately and request expedited processing for an additional fee. Students applying to countries where a student visa is required may not have enough time to obtain or renew a passport and apply for a visa. Encourage students to talk with us as soon as possible.

Zoom and In-Person Presentations

Overseas Study advisors are happy to give presentations to your students via Zoom or in-person. Please email overseas@iu.edu or request a presentation here.

Online Programs and Virtual Internships

Virtual programs, that is, programs that are conducted 100% online with no physical participation abroad, through a study abroad provider, foreign institution, or U.S.-based institution providing content designed for study abroad students, cannot fulfill study abroad requirements, such as Gen Ed World Languages and Cultures and Global Civilizations and Cultures. Consequently, such programs do not need approval from the Office of Overseas Study. This also means that students cannot be enrolled in a placeholder course nor can they apply study abroad scholarships to these online courses.

However, students who choose to apply independently to a virtual program can seek approval from an academic department and can apply for transfer credit through the Office of International Admissions.  Students should contact newtoiu@iu.edu for more information on that process.

Gilman-McCain Scholarship: Finding Eligible Students

The Gilman-McCain Scholarship provides awards of $5,000 for child dependents of active duty service members to study or intern abroad on credit-bearing programs (see website for all eligibility requirements). If you know of students who may meet the Gilman-McCain eligibility, please either let us know (and we’ll reach out to the student) or suggest the student contact overseas@iu.edu for more information. The next Gilman-McCain Scholarship is due October 5, and includes awards for study abroad in spring, summer, and fall 2022.

The standard Gilman Scholarship (for Pell Grant recipients) is also due October 5. See our Gilman Scholarship events flyer.

Contact Us

roshan-rawaan image

Amanda Roshan-Rawaan

Associate Director

Amanda advises for IU programs in Australia, New Zealand, Germany, and Austria; IU administered programs in Aix-en-Provence, Bologna, and Nagoya; and the following CIEE programs: Amman, Cape Town, Gaborone, Legon, Paris (summer music program), Prague, Rennes, Seoul, and St. Petersburg. She is the national scholarship advisor for Gilman, Boren, and Freeman-Asia.
Kyle Hayes

Sam Hudson

Study Abroad Advisor, Associate

Sam advises for IU programs in Spain, Portugal, Latin America, as well as for Rome-ICCS and the following IES Abroad programs: Amsterdam, Milan, Paris, Rome, and Tokyo. He also advises for summer programs and summer internships in the above locations, as well as summer internships in Australia.
Elizabeth Shuman

Allie Prieboy

Study Abroad Advisor

Allie advises for IU programs in the United Kingdom and Ireland (including Oxford, Canterbury, London-IES, and Dublin-IES) as well as IU Co-sponsored programs: Athens (CYA), Copenhagen (DIS), Florence (CAPA), Pune and Jerusalem. She also assists students pursuing independent, non-IU program options around the world, including guiding them through the non-IU process and procedures.


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