Students participating on a Non-IU study abroad program do not receive direct IU credit, but rather transfer credit upon completion. Use the IU Credit Transfer Service to confirm that IU will accept transfer credit from the program’s school of record. You can also use the CTS to look at courses that have previously been transferred by other students. If you don’t see a course listed in the CTS, it does not mean you can’t take it! As long as the school issuing your transcript is listed in the CTS, IU will accept the transcript for articulation of credit.

See our CTA/CTS guide for detailed instructions on how to use the Credit Transfer Service.

Once you have found coursework to take on your Non-IU study abroad program, submit up to six potential courses to the Office of International Admissions using the Credit Transfer Agreement (or CTA). This document is an official confirmation that if you take any of these courses on your program, you will receive the stated credit toward your degree requirements.

To receive credit, these courses cannot be taken pass/fail and you must receive a grade of “C” or better. The CTA must be submitted to International Admissions by the deadline: May 1st for summer, fall, or academic-year programs, and November 15th for spring programs.

See our CTA/CTS guide for detailed instructions on submitting the Credit Transfer Agreement.

Let’s quickly recap what it takes to transfer foreign credit. International Admissions must accept credit from the study abroad program’s school of record. Courses cannot be taken pass/fail, and you must earn a ‘C’ or higher. Also note that you must receive departmental pre-approval to receive credit for an international internship.