Once you’ve been accepted to an approved Non-IU study abroad program, you are ready to complete the Notification of Acceptance form. After we receive your completed form and it is processed by our office, you will be authorized to enroll in a zero-credit hour OVST placeholder course. The deadline to submit the Notification of Acceptance is May 1st for summer, fall, or academic-year programs, and November 15th for spring programs.

Enrollment in the course will verify your full-time participation in an approved study abroad program, allow you to maintain active computing accounts at IU, demonstrate to IU that you are still a degree candidate, automatically provide you with an appointment time to register for your courses at IU for the semester you return from abroad, and it will enable academic advisors to see that you are abroad on a Non-IU study abroad program. In addition, the OVST placeholder course allows you to receive any applicable loan or scholarship funds for your overseas experience.