Describe the housing situation: I lived in an apartment with four other American girls, but surrounded by Greek neighbors.  My flatmates and I became really good friends and we all keep in touch. 

Greatest challenge: Coming back to America and missing all the wonderful and healthy Greek food. Also, it was a challenge not inserting random Greek words into my speech that my roommates and friends understood. None of my American friends speak Greek! 

If I could do it over, I would: make more Greek friends. I made a few and they were so much fun! It really immerses you into the culture and helps with language skills.

Best memory: We stopped in a village in northern Greece for a bite to eat and the residents were very friendly. They made sure we had enough to eat and drink and asked us about our study program and what America was like. They loved practicing their English and greatly appreciated our attempts at Greek. 

What you know now that you didn't know before going abroad:Obviously, a lot more about Greece and that I actually like Greek food. I also know that the Greeks are a very distinct group of people that had a lot of influence on our society. I also now think, where in the world can I find a job? Not just: where in the Midwest? It’s not just a dream.

Fact about my host country: When people think of Greece they think of togas, Greek gods, and Parthenon-like structures.  Athens is a metropolis full of apartment buildings and businesses! Greek people are also very friendly and interested in everything non-Greek, but incredibly proud of being Greek at the same time.