Jewish Studies

The Borns Jewish Studies Program at IU encourages study of the Jews and Judaism as a way to enhance knowledge of Jewish civilization. Jewish Studies majors, certificate, minor, and Hebrew minor students may apply for a number of overseas study programs that offer Hebrew language and Jewish Studies-related courses. The IU co-sponsored program at the Rothberg International School at Hebrew University in Jerusalem (semester or academic year) provides Jewish Studies students a rich Jewish Studies academic experience as well as comprehensive advising from IU Overseas Study in cooperation with a student’s major advisor(s). Among the other Office of Overseas Study programs listed below, most offer one or two courses that are Jewish Studies-related.

Available coursework may include courses pre-approved with an IU equivalent and courses that need to be evaluated. Students should bring back course materials to the department in which they would like to earn major or minor credit for final approval. For Office of Overseas Study programs, see each program's Course Equivalencies list for details.