Student housing on study abroad programs is typically one of three different types. Some programs may offer options, while for others there is one standard placement type. Many students live with host families abroad who are vetted and trained by onsite program staff.

Host families offer students a culturally immersive experience with locals who know the area and can offer advice. Most homestay placements include some or all meals. Host families understand that students will travel and be engaged with the local culture and they can be accommodating of student schedules.

Residence halls may have mixed populations of international and local students. The living environment can be markedly different from a similar arrangement in the US. There may be rules or expectations that require some adaptation. Meal options vary, but may be offered in a cafeteria or be prepared by students in a shared kitchen.

Apartment options on co-sponsored programs are facilitated by on-site staff. Living arrangements vary widely. In some cases, students may find that they live with program participants and have access to a local student who serves as a cultural guide. Typically meals are at the expense of the student and students have access to a shared kitchen. On a select-few IU administered programs, IU students secure their own apartments with guidance from onsite staff.

Across the types of housing options, students should expect to be doing more commuting than they typically do on an IU campus. This can include walking, biking, taking buses, trains, or a metro or some combination of the above. Standard commutes in large cities can be upwards of 45-60 minutes.

  • Students live with a local family
  • Typically provides the most culturally immersive experience
  • Usually includes some or all meals
Residence Halls
  • Halls could have a mix of local and international students
  • Culture/expectations of halls may be different than in the U.S.
  • Meal options vary based on program
  • May be with other program participants or local students
  • Meals are typically not included in program cost
  • Expect more/longer commutes than on an IU campus
  • Walking, biking, buses, trains, or metros
  • Commutes across large cities can be upwards of 45-60 minutes
* Programs may offer multiple housing options - sometimes at different prices. Make sure to evaluate the cost of meals when considering multiple options.