The first thing to know about applying for a study abroad program is that the application process varies between the different types of programs. For all IU administered and co-sponsored programs offered by the Office of Overseas Study students will need to complete the application found on the Overseas Study Website. We will discuss this process in more detail in a minute.

Students interested in unit-based or other IU campus programs should consult with the specific unit for information on how to apply. Keep in mind that with these programs the timing, procedures, and required materials will vary based on the specific requirements of the unit administering the program.

For non-IU programs students will need to apply directly to the program on which they are planning to participate. The deadlines, procedures, and application materials will vary greatly based on the specific standards set by the program. Students will need to be in contact with their program if they have any questions. Once accepted for the program, students are also required to complete the non-IU procedures, ensuring that they can transfer credit back to IU from their program and receiving permission to enroll in a placeholder course while abroad. Students can find more information about this process though the overseas study website or by visiting the office.