The Office of Overseas Study program applications are specific to each program and may have slight variations in what is required, but there are some standard components. All applications require students to submit a personal statement based on a set of guided questions. Students are generally required to submit academic recommendations from someone who has taught them at the university level such as a professor, associate instructor or teaching assistant. These recommendations are submitted using a web-based form; your recommenders will not need be asked to mail in formal letters. Beyond that students are asked to complete various forms and signature documents. For students interested in summer internship programs, be prepared that you may also be required to submit a professional reference in addition to or in place of an academic recommendation.

Applications become available and are due the semester prior to the international experience. This means that spring applications will typically open in August and be due in September. For academic year, fall, and summer programs students will find applications usually open in December with deadlines in January and February. Each term we will update and list the program deadlines on a specific deadlines page of our website for students to reference. You can use this page to get an idea of when deadlines for a specific program generally fall.

What's Required When to Apply
  • Personal Statement
  • Academic Recommendation
  • Summer internship programs may require professional reference
  • Forms, signature documents
  • Apply semester prior to international experience
  • Spring program applicaitons open in August, due in September
  • AY, Fall, and Summer applications open in December, due in January/February
  • See our deadlines page for program-specific deadline dates.