The Office of Overseas Study offers over 130 summer, semester, and academic year programs in more than 40 countries around the world. This includes programs that IU directly administers, as well as programs that are managed by a partnering organization or institution. There are over 180 additional study abroad programs offered by specific IU units (departments, schools, or campuses). Together, these are referred to as IU Programs. When you participate on an IU Program, you will earn direct IU credit, pay through the IU Bursar, and be able to utilize most types of financial aid toward your study abroad program. You also have access to comprehensive advising throughout the study abroad process.

It is important to note that the academic fees differ across the three types of IU Programs. Co-sponsored programs charge a flat fee to all students, while IU-administered programs base academic fees on residency, providing a lower cost to Indiana residents. The academic fees on unit-based programs will be consistent with the practices of that unit.

If students are not able to find a suitable program among these options, some IU campuses allow students to participate in study abroad programs that are not offered through IU, known as Non-IU programs. Students who choose to participate in a non-IU study abroad program will receive transfer credit rather than direct IU credit. There are also more restrictions on the types of financial aid that students can use on a non-IU program. Rather than paying through the IU Bursar, students pay the program provider directly.

IU Programs Non-IU Programs
  • Direct IU credit
  • Students billed through IU Bursar
  • Most financial aid applicable to program costs
  • Comprehensive advising through Office of Overseas Study and/or academic unit
  • Transfer Credit
  • Applicability of financial aid varies
  • Students pay program directly
  • Some campuses restrict participation in non-IU programs
IU administered Co-sponsored Unit-Based
  • Managed by IU
  • Academic fees based on residency status
  • Managed by an outside org/institution
  • Academic fees do not vary by residency
  • Managed by IU unit
  • Academic fees consistent with unit's practices