IU offers study abroad programing to fit into any schedule. Academic year programs are good options for language growth and cultural immersion but some are in English-speaking destinations. For students who have a goal of becoming more fluent, longer durations abroad typically allow for more gains.

On these programs, students often are directly enrolling in local universities for some or all of their classes alongside local students.

Semester programs offer a wide variety of locations and program models (including experiential components). Students are enrolled in a full-time course of study.

Calendars will vary by site and may not directly align with the IU semester. For example, programs located in the Southern Hemisphere either end or begin during our summer months.

Summer programs can be a good alternative for students who have less flexibility with their semester course loads or other obligations during the school year. These programs vary in length and number of credits. Summer programs may have preset course offerings or a limited selection from which students can choose. Courses tend to be fast-paced and intensive, condensing a full semester’s worth of content in a short time frame.

Short-term programs can be offered during various times of the year, such as during winter or spring break or over the summer. Most of these programs are embedded in a course offered during the regular semester or have an on-campus component before departure. The majority of these programs are also unit-based.

One way that IUB students can fulfill their General Education World Languages and Cultures requirement is through successful completion of an approved study abroad program (which may include non-IU programs if specific criteria are met). This requirement is met through participation in a program that is both six weeks in duration and awards at least six credits (or two 3-week programs of 3 credits each).

Academic Year Semester Summer Short-Term
  • Good option for language/cultural immersion
  • Classes often with local students
  • Calendar varies by site
  • Full course load (12-18 credits)
  • Calendar varies by site
  • 3-8 weeks*
  • 3-9 credits*
  • 1-2 weeks
  • Offered durign intersession, spring break, or summer
  • Usually combined with on-campus component
  • Managed by IU units
* Students may fulfill IUB World Languages & Cultures requirement by completing a 6-week and 6-credit program, OR two programs that each are at least 3-weeks and 3-credits.