Rainbow SIG Bibliography

The following is a list of books that have been recommended by members of the Rainbow SIG. We have sought to identify sources of information on cultural, lifestyle and legal information. We chose not to include some of the standard travel guides.  It is also available as an annotated Word document. We welcome your comments and encourage you to inform us of additional resources that might be added to the site.

GLBT Resources

Amazon to Zami: Towards A Global Lesbian Feminism. Monika Reinfelder (Ed.), Cassell, 1996.

American Gay. Stephen O. Murray. University of Chicago, 1996

Australian Gay and Lesbian Writing: An Anthology. Oxford University Press, 1993.

Beneath the Equator: Cultures of Desire, Male Homosexuality, and Emerging Gay Communities in Brazil. Richard G. Parker. Routledge, 1998.

Between Sodom and Eden: A Gay Journey Through Today's Changing Israel.Walzer, Lee, NY: Columbia University Press, 2000. ISBN: 0231113951 (paperback) and ISBN 0231113943 (hardcover).

Beyond Tolerance: Gays, Lesbians, and Bisexuals on Campus. Evans, Nancy and Vernon Wall, American College Personnel Association, 1991.

Bisexual Resource Guide. Robyn Ochs. Bisexual Resources Center, 3rd edition 1999.

Boy-Wives and Female-Husbands: Studies of African Homosexualities. Stephen O. Murray and Will Roscoe (Editors). St Martins Press, 1999.

Buddhism, Sexuality and Gender. Jose Ignacio Cabezon (Editor). State University of New York Press, 1992.

Chicana Lesbians: The Girls Our Mothers Warned Us About. Carla Trujillo (Ed.), 1991.

Children of Horizons: How Gay and Lesbian Teens Are Leading a New Way Out of the Closet/With a New Epilogue. Gilbert Herdt, Andrew Boxer (Contributor) Beacon Press, 1996.

Compañeros. Latina Lesbians: An Anthology. Ramos, J. (Ed.), NY: Latina Lesbian History Project, 1987.

Counseling Across Cultures. Paul B. Redusen, Juris G. Draquis, Walter J. Lowner, Joseph E. Trimble (Eds.) Sage, 4th Ed. 1996.

Counseling Gay Men and Lesbians: Journey to the End of the Rainbow. Sari H. Dworkin & Fernando J. Gutierrez. American Counseling Association, 1992.

Creating a Place for Ourselves: Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Community Histories. Brett Beemyn (Editor). Routledge, 1997.

Cultural Revolution. Norman Wong. Persea Books, 1994.

Dear Uncle Go: Male Homosexuality in Thailand. Peter A. Jackson. Bua Luang Pub. Co., 1996.

De Los Otros: Intimacy and Homosexuality Among Mexican Men. Carrier, Joseph. New York: Columbia University Press, 1995.

Defiant Desire: Gay and Lesbian Lives in South Africa. Mark Gevisser and Edwin Cameron (Editors). Routledge, 1995.

Developmental Stages in the Coming Out Process. E. Coleman. Journal of Homosexuality, 7: 31-43

Directory of the International Association of Lesbian and Gay Archives and Libraries. Toronto: Canadian Gay Archives, 1987.

Disidentifications: Queers of Color and the Performance of Politics. Jose Esteban Munoz. University of Minnesota Press, 1999.

Europe in the Pink: Lesbian and Gay Equality in New Europe. Thatchell, Peter. Gay Men's Press, 1992. ISBN#0854491589.

Families We Choose: Lesbians, Gays, Kinship. Kathy Weston. Columbia University, 1991.

Female Desires: Same-Sex Relations and Transgender Practices Across Cultures (Between Men—Between Women). Evelyn Blackwood and Saskia E. Wieringa (Editors). Columbia University Press, 1999.

Finding the Lesbians. Penelope, Julia and Sarah Valentine, CA: The Crossing Press, 1990.

Funny Boy: A Novel. Shyam Selvadurai. Harvest Books, 1997.

Gay and Lesbian Youth: Expressions of Identity. Keith C. Savin-Williams. Hemisphere, 1990

Gay Culture in America: Essays from the Field. Gilbert Herdt (Ed.), Beacon Press, 1993.

Gay and Lesbian Themes in Latin American Literature. Foster, David W. Albuquerque: University of New Mexico Press, 1994.

The Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Students' Guide to Colleges, Universities, and Graduate Schools. Jan-Mitchell, Sherill. New York: New York, 1994.

Gayellow Pages: The National Edition. NY: Renaissance House.

Gay Studies from French Cultures: Voices from French Cultures. NY: Haworth Press, 1993.

Gay Voices from East Germany. Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 1991.

The Gender/Sexuality Reader: Culture, History, Political Economy. Roger N. Lancaster and Micaela Di Leonardo (Eds). Routledge, 1997.

The Global Emergence of Gay and Lesbian Politics: National Imprints of a Worldwide Movement. Jan Willem Duyvedak, Andre Krouwel and Barry D. Adam (Editors). Temple University Press, 1998.

Great Mirrors Shattered : Homosexuality, Orientalism, and Japan (Ideologies of Desire). John Whittier Treat. Oxford University Press, 1999.

Homosexual Students in Latin America. Johnson, Richard. NAFSA-NET. CAFFS. Washington University.

Homosexuality in Modern France (Studies in the History of Sexuality). Jeffrey Merrick and Bryant T. Ragan (Editors). Oxford Univ Press, 1996.

Human Rights and Sexual Minorities: Local and Global Contexts. Narrain, Arvind. Law, Social Justice & Global Development Journal (LGD), 2001 (2). 

Independence Park: The Lives of Gay Men in Israel. Fink, Amir Sumakai and Jacob Press. Stanford University Press, 1999.

Individual Differences in the Coming Out Process for Gay Men. G. McDonald. Journal of Homosexuality, 8:47-60

International Directory of Gay and Lesbian Periodicals. Malinowsky, H. Robert. Oryx Press, 1987.

Islamic Homosexualities: Culture, History, and Literature. Stephen O. Murray and Will Roscoe (Editors). New York University Press, 1997.

Latino Gay Men and HIV: Culture, Sexuality, and Risk Behavior. Rafael M. Diaz. Routledge, 1997.

Lesbian and Gay Visions of Ireland: Towards the Twenty-First Century. Ide OCarrol and Eoin Collins (Editors). 1996.

Lesbiot: Israeli Lesbians Talk about Sexuality, Feminism, Judaism and Their Lives. Moore, Tracy, ed. NY: Cassell, 1995. ISBN#0304331589.

A Lesser Life, The Myth of Women's Liberation In America. Hewlett, Sylvia Ann. NY: W. morrow, 1986. ISBN#0688048552.

Looking Queer: Body Image and Identity in Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay, and Transgender Communities. Dawn Atkens (Editor). Harrington Park Press, 1998.

A Lotus of Another Color: An Unfolding of the South Asian Gay and Lesbian Experience. Boston: Alyson Publications, 1993. ISBN#1555831710.

Love in a Different Climate: Men Who Have Sex with Men in India. Jeremy Seabrook and Anjali Gopalan. Verso Books, 1999.

Machos, Maricones, and Gays: Cuba and Homosexuality. Ian Lumsden. Temple University Press, 1996.

Male colors: The Construction of Homosexuality in Tokugawa Japan. Gary P. Leupp. University of California, 1996.

Male Homosexuality in Central and South America. Murray, Stephan O., NY:Gay Academic Union, 1987. ISBN: 0942777581

Male Homosexuality in South Africa: Identity Formation, Culture and Crisis. NY: Oxford University Press, 1992.

Male Homosexuality in Thailand. Peter A. Jackson. Global Academic, 1995.

Manhood in the Making: Cultural Concepts of Masculinity. Gilmore, David. New Haven, CT: Yale University Press, 1990. ISBN#0300046464.

Out of the Blue: Russia's Hidden Gay Literature. An Anthology. Edited by Kevin Moss. San Francisco: Gay Sunshine Press, 1997.

Multicultural Queer : Australian Narratives. Peter A. Jackson and Gerard Sullivan (Editors). Harrington Park, 1999.

Now That I'm Out, What Do I Do? Brian McNaught. St Martins Press, 1997.

The Only Sun I Need. Jorge Luis Seco. Centurion Press, 1999.

Out in the Field: Reflections of Lesbian and Gay Anthropologists. Ellen Lewin and William Leap (Editors). University of Illinois Press, 1996.

Out in the World: Gay and Lesbian Life from Buenos Aires to Bangkok. Miller, Neil. NY: Random House, 1992. ISBN#0679402411.

Passions of the Cut Sleeve: The Male Homosexual Tradition in China. Bret Hinsch. University of California, 1990.

Perverts in Paradise. Trevisan, Joao S. London: Gay Men's Press, 1986. ISBN#0907040780.

The Pink Triangle: The Nazi War Against Homosexuals. Richard Plant. New Republic Books, 1986.

Price of Honor: Muslim Women Lift the Veil of Silence on the Islamic World. Jan Goodwin. Penguin USA, 1995.

Queer in Russia: A Story of Sex, Self, and the Other. Laurie Essig. Duke University Press, 1999.

Queer Japan: Personal Stories of Japanese Lesbians, Gays, Transsexuals and Bisexuals. Summerhawk, Barbara, McMahill, Cheiron, and McDonald, Darren (Eds.), NY: New Victoria Publishing, 1998. ISBN: 1892281007.

Representing Bisexualities: Subjects and Cultures of Fluid Desire. Donald E. Hall and Maria Pramaggioire (Editors). New York University Press, 1999.

Rural Gays and Lesbians: Building on the Strengths of Communities. James Donald Smith and Ronald J. Mancoske (Editors). Haworth, 1998.

Same Sex, Different Cultures: Exploring Gay and Lesbian Lives. Gilbert Herdt. Westview Press, 1998.

Sexual Orientation and Identity: Heterosexual, Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Journeys. Wishik, Heather and Carol Pierce, New Hampshire: New Dynamics Publications, 1995.

Sex and Sexuality in Latin America. Balderston, Daniel and Donna Guy, New York: New York University, 1997.

Sex Longing & Not Belonging: A Gay Muslim's Quest for Love & Meaning. Bedruddin Khan. Floating Lotus USA, 1997.

Sexuality and Eroticism among Males in Muslim Society. Schmitt, Arno and Sofer, Jehoeda, eds. NY: Haworth Press, 1992. ISBN#1560240474.

Sexuality in Islam. Abdulwahab Bouhdigba, Alan Sheridan (Translator). 1998

Situated Lives: Gender and Culture in Everyday Life. Louise Lamphere, Helena Ragone and Patricia Zavella (Editors). Routledge, 1997.

The Stone of Laughter. Hoda Barakat. Interlink Press, 1995.

Strengthening the Learning Environment, A School Employee's Guide to Gay and Lesbian Issues. The National Education Association.

The Third Pink Book: A Global View of Lesbian and Gay Liberation and Oppression. Hendriks, Art. Buffalo, NY: Prometheus Books, 1993.

Third Sex, Third Gender: Beyond Sexual Dimorphism in Culture and History. Gilbert Herdt (Ed). Zone Books, 1996.

Transgendered Warriors: A History of Resistance. Leslei Feinberg. Beacon Press, 1996.

Twenty-first Century Challenge: Lesbians and Gays in Education Bridging the Gap. McConnell and Celi, eds. Lavender Crystal Press. ISBN#0963690906.

The Umbrella Country. Bino A. Realuyo. Ballantine, 1999.

Unspoken Rules: Sexual Orientation and Women's Human Rights. Rosenbloom, Rachel, ed. London; NY: Cassell, 1996. ISBN#0304337633

Vice Versa: Bisexuality and the Eroticism of Everyday Life. Marjorie B. Garber. Simon and Schuster, 1996.

The Vintage Book of International Lesbian Fiction. Naomi Holch, Joan Nestle and N. Holden (Editors). Vintage Books, 1999.

Working with Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual International Students in the U.S.. Kato, Nadine, International Educator, 1999.

Women and Development: Latin American Perspectives, Mexico and Central America. Center for Global Education, 1992.

Women in Development, Minnesota Studies in International Development. University of Minnesota.

Women in the World: An International Atlas. Seager, Joni and Olson, Ann. NY: Simon and Schuster, 1986. ISBN#0671602977.

Women's Leadership in the 90's and Beyond. Sponsored by Venusa, CPSA, Institute of International Studies and Modern Languages, Merida, Venezuela.

The World Out There: Becoming Part of the Gay and Lesbian Community. Ford, Michael, New York: The New Press, 1996.


Are You Two...Together? A Gay and Lesbian Travel Guide to Europe. Van Gelder, Lindsay and Brandt, Pamela Robin Brandt. NY: Random House, 1991.

The Bent Guide to Gay/Lesbian Canada. Pink Triangle Press, Bent Books, 1994.

Berlin Scene. Baker. Gay Men's Press. ISBN#0854492178.

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Ferrari For Women. Ferrari, Marianne. Ferrari International Publishing, Inc. 1995.

Frankfurt Von Hinten. Waldau. Bruno Gmunder Verlag, 1993-94. ISBN#3924163928.

Gay and Lesbian Legal Guide for Overseas Travel. 1995. To obtain a copy for $20, contact My Yarabinec at San Francisco State University, Office of International Programs, 1600 Holloway Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94132, phone: (415) 338-3316, fax: (415) 338-6234; e-mail: my_ip@sfsu.edu.

Gay Europe. Andrusia, David. 1995.

Gay Phrase Book. McKay. Cassell. ISBN#0304332011.

Get Up and Go, A Travel Survival Guide for Women. McCarthy, Aine. 1992.

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The Independent Women's Guide to Europe. 1991.

International Places of Interest to Women. ISBN#0942586352.

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Women's Studies in Europe. Antioch Education.

Special thanks to the following individuals who have contributed significantly to the creation of this bibligraphy:

Sophie Eschaaf, Indiana University; Nadine Kato, School for International Training; Michael Welch, My Yarabinec, San Francisco State University