Photo Contest

Student Category

Winner (Elizabeth Baker) – “I did a service learning study abroad trip in the summer of 2021 with Professor Erik Willis in the Dominican Republic. I am a Spanish major and originally applied to build my Spanish skills, but got so much more out of the program than this. I loved experiencing the beautiful landscapes and culture of the Dominican Republic and even made new friends. The people in the picture (from left to right) are named Grace, Haley, Liz, and Avery. They are all IU students who I had not met before the trip but who I still keep in touch with today. This picture was taken at sunset on the beach walking distance from where we stayed in Las Canas.

Runner-up (Ryan Deutsch)  - "The photo includes myself and 3 other students who were part of an elective class about soccer. As we were online the majority of the semester, our professor was able to get us a tour of Parken Stadium the week prior to this photo. We were taken into the locker rooms, onto the field and into various other private areas of the stadium. About a week later, he was able to secure us free tickets to a match between FC Copenhagen and FC Midtjylland. Great time before the game talking with locals about the match’s implication and their playoff hopes. You can also spot the couple of pints of Danish Carslberg beer we enjoyed.  After the big 4-2 win we celebrated with all the fans outside the stadium for hours."

Environment Category

Winner (Natalie Ryan) - "This photo was taken during a field study in Slettestrand, Denmark. The fishing boats were pulled in and out of the North Sea by tractors every day, and my class ate plenty of local seafood while we were there."

Runner-up (Poorvi Mishra) - "I took this photo on my last day in Copenhagen, at Nyhavn after spending 7 weeks there. It was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. The beauty of this photo is that on one side the sun had set and the clouds had taken over, creating hygge, but on its opposite side, towards the canal, the sun was slowly setting giving the water a very calming sense. The restaurants were crowded and people were watching a game, screaming at every missed shot. It was a typical day, a day with friends and family celebrating hygge."

Culture Category

Winner (Aryan Mishra) - "This photo was taken in Malmö, Sweden in Slottsparken. My friends and I visited for one day and it was a tremendous experience; we got to admire Swedish museums, architecture, and the beautiful scenery. Honestly, I don’t think I’ll ever forget that day."

Runner-up (Nichole Sanderock) – “This photo is of the Starfield Library that is located inside the COEX Mall in Seoul, South Korea. These big tall stacks of books as you can see in this photo are located in all four corners of this room which makes it a scenic room to look at when inside. The bottom half of one of these stacks isn't full of books, it is actually a starbucks store. Many people come here to get work done or study. It is an actual library. You can come here to read a magazine or listen to a talk by an author. I loved my experience in Seoul and would definitely love to go back one day!