Photo Contest

Student Category

Winner (Anna Birchard) - "This photo was taken in Interlaken, Switzerland where we went kayaking for the afternoon. A local guide showed us some great viewpoints as we kayaked up and down the lake. We drank some tea and also drank fresh water straight out of the lake right before this photo was taken."

Runner-up (Christina Mercedes) - "This photo was taken in the rolling hills of Tuscany for an IES-organized trip. We were taken to a vineyard where we learned about the wine fermentation process, had the chance to do some wine tasting, and participated in a pasta-making class. Here we are making pici, which is a pasta noodle typical of the Tuscan region. They are made by cutting thick strips from the dough and hand-rolling them into thin, long strands."


Environment Category

Winner (Richard Xu) - "Last semester, I got the chance to travel to Morocco with two friends and spend the night in the Sahara Desert outside the gates of Merzouga. That evening, we stayed in huts with carpets arranged around a campfire. As we came outside into the cool air, another group that was travelling with us was already scaling a dune to watch the sunset, creating a silhouette of a line of ants climbing a hill. The sky flooded with a burst of yellow, then orange, then red before finally going dark and exposing an ocean of stars. At night, everyone convened in the center tent to watch a group of Moroccan natives perform a traditional drumming ceremony, accompanied by a local meal. Merzouga was easily the most beautiful place I visited during my time overseas."

Runner-up (Evan Blumenfeld) - "A cold January morning in Halstatt, Austria. Halstatt is about an hour outside of Salzburg and there are only a couple hundred people that live there. We traveled by train and boat to make it to this little town and it was worth it. If you visit Salzburg you have to take some time to get out to Halstatt."


Culture Category

Winner (Cheyney Rose) - On the shore of Naoshima, Mother and Child walk along the rocky sand, pausing for a moment to bask in the sea breeze.

Runner-up (Kimber Garland) - "This photo was taken in Zhouzhuang water town, about an hour outside of Suzhou. It's pretty much a tourist town with architecture modeled off of the older Chinese style and canals wind throughout the narrow alleyways. This was just after twilight when all the stalls turn their lights on and tourists come out for dinner. I passed a tiny window where I could see an older woman bent over her needle thread artwork, and I thought the composition of the window framing her with her artwork framed in the background was an interesting commentary of life imitating art."


Contest Sponsors

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