London School of Economics

IU students will receive information and instructions directly from the LSE Summer School Office. This is important information about the program, accommodations (housing), courses, and payments. You should read all provided information with care. The following supplemental information pertains to Indiana University students ONLY.

LSE and IU

The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) Summer School is the largest university summer school in Europe, with over 5,000 students attending from more than 100 countries.

IU has made special arrangements with LSE to recruit, select, and orient IU students for this summer program. You will, however, have many classmates and flatmates who come individually from other U.S. universities and from around the world.

Financial Arrangements

You pay instructional fees directly to Indiana University. Any questions regarding finances for the program, including financial aid, should be addressed to the Office of Overseas Study at Indiana University. Students from other U.S. universities and elsewhere have different arrangements with LSE regarding fees.

You will submit housing requests to LSE using their online system and you will make housing payments directly to LSE.


You will earn 6 IU credits for two courses: one course in each session.

Students from Indiana University MUST enroll in one course for each 3-week session, for a total of 6 credits. While students from other institutions may not be required to take the final examinations for their courses, students from IU must take the final examinations in order to earn a grade for each course. Failure to take the final examination will result in an "F" for that course.

Summer 2019 Schedule

LSE offers 3 three-week sessions of coursework. IU students have the option to enroll in either of the combinations below. Student enrollment selections were finalized with IU summer registration in early April.

Session I and II: June 17 to June 26, 2019
Session II and III: July 8 to August 16, 2019*

Business Students: Please review the course selection policies (regarding your status as pre I-Core/post I-Core) given to you by the Kelley International Programs office before making final course enrollments.

General Education Requirement: This program will satisfy the International Experience option of the World Languages & Cultures general education requirements.