For Parents

  • Guidance and Support Services

    We can help students to find a program that matches their needs and interests. We encourage them to begin their own research on choosing a program and to visit our office for more personalized guidance.

    Once a student is accepted for a program, we provide a network of support services that include academic advising, pre-departure orientation, peer counseling with students who have studied abroad, and assistance with visas, housing, and health insurance. Our office also provides assistance with re-entry and adjustment after returning to IU.

  • High School Study Abroad Opportunities

    The IU Honors Program in Foreign Languages offers summer study abroad opportunities to Indiana high school students studying Chinese, French, German, Japanese, or Spanish. 

  • Planning and Preparation

    A variety of general and specific resources are made available to students, including information on living abroad and detailed handbooks.

    It is important that you also read them so that you are as well informed as possible about academic expectations, program costs and fee payments, money and banking, health insurance, and the academic calendar. In addition, we provide articles that are of particular interest to parents.

  • Health, Safety, and Security

    Our first priority is always the health, safety, and security of IU students abroad. We provide extensive information and advice to all students in preparation for their time overseas and we work closely with program administrators abroad on a continuous basis to safeguard the health, safety, and security of participants. We stress to program participants that they must act responsibly in their daily choices and behaviors so as to minimize risk.

    In addition, we encourage you to discuss the topics of personal safety and behavior issues with your student, to keep in touch while he or she is abroad, and to be responsive to this office should we request information or advice concerning the student. We draw your attention to the Recommendations to Families.